Does Direct Mail Marketing Still Work?


Real estate agents all over are starting to use digital marketing to establish a presence with their intended audience.  Agents are reaching current clients and new leads through email blasts, blogs, and Facebook ads.  This poses the question… with the convenience of digital marketing, is it even worth your time to invest in direct mail marketing?

Let’s touch on the good & bad of direct mail marketing:

The Good

  • According to the USPS, total mail volume has declined by 29.9% since 2006, yet response rates for prospect list have increased 70.6% since 2006 – with less clutter and competition it’s a perfect time to be mailing.
  • Direct mail response rates are higher than any other medium of marketing. In fact, it exceeds the response rate of all digital channels combined.
  • Direct mail is more easily scalable.  Social channels require a huge time commitment, and while you can target customers with paid ads, your organic content can still fall on deaf ears.  With services like SuperAgent Marketing, you can spend as much or as little time and money you see fit, all while still mailing to specific individuals or audience segments.
  • Studies have shown that consumers have better brand recall from direct mail than they do  from digital marketing.  A tangible direct mail piece increases brand recall by 70% over digital advertising.
  • Direct mail makes it easier to hyper-personalize your marketing. Studies show 56% of prospects feel more valued receiving a direct mail piece.

The Bad

  • Designing postcards, and designing a mailing list and schedule can be time consuming.
  • It is a challenge to create a good, targeted in-house mailing list.  No matter how good your direct mail piece is, it’s irrelevant if sent to the wrong people.
  • How do you track your mailings and determine response rates?
  • Direct mail’s cost per acquisition is higher than most other mediums. 

You may ask…why would a real estate direct mail marketing company bring up the down-side of direct mail?  Because, SuperAgent Marketing was created to combat the negatives so that real estate professionals can take advantage of its benefits to sell more homes.

SuperAgent Marketing has virtually eliminated the hassles and frustration of designing and mailing postcards.  You can easily use one of our pre-made templates to highlight that new property you just sold, and mail it to the 300 closest homes. Or, you can use its pre-made “just listed” templates to mail to a qualified group of individuals who are looking to buy a home in the area.  SuperAgent Marketing has made it easy to create beautiful direct mail marketing pieces and get them to the right prospects.

After completing your mailing, the extremely transparent system, enables you to track each individual piece. This is especially convenient if you like to follow up on your direct mail marketing with a phone call or email.

We understand that to stay in front of your customers, you can’t rely solely on direct mail marketing; therefore we’ve helped to integrate it into your overall marketing strategy by enabling you to share your postcard on Facebook.

Lastly, we ensure you get an amazing product and service for an extremely competitive price. that’s generally 20-30% lower than any other competitor.  So now with SuperAgent Marketing, direct mail marketing is  fast, convenient and inexpensive… what are you waiting for?

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