3 Ways to Increase Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail Campaigns.


As a real estate professional, you already understand the importance of direct mail marketing to your overall marketing strategy. In a world filled with digital marketing, direct mail can have a huge impact if done correctly. Consider how often you open random emails vs. going to your mail box. 65% of prospects prefer to read both printed and online posts before making a buying decision  Lets tackle how to make printed marketing more effective with these 3 tips:

#1) Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

You’ve heard the saying, but how does it apply to your business?  Direct mail marketing is more effective if done consistently over a period of time.  As a real estate professional, maintaining past/current relationships while forming new ones, your goal is to be seen as your market’s “go-to-realtor”.  That reputation isn’t developed overnight…it means consistently reaching out to your customers (i.e. mailing) on a regular basis.

 If you are limiting your mailing to “just sold” and “just listed cards,” consider adding some seasonal cards to get your name and brand in front of your audience more frequently. With SuperAgent Marketing, its simple to login, create, and mail beautiful postcards to prospects and clients within seconds.  These mailings let them know you’re there, you care, and you want their business. This performs especially well if you’re mailing to the right people, which leads to my next tip…

#2) Target Your Mailings

While frequent mailing is the first step, you can increase the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns by specifically targeting your mailings to those who meet your qualifications.  Imagine a system that allows you to login, create a stunning mailer, and then mail to the exact demographics of the perfect buyer.

For instance, If you just listed a $500,000 home, you don’t want blanket mail to everyone in the mail carrier route.  Instead, you can focus on those residents with higher incomes, home values or length of residency. With SuperAgent Marketing, this is a snap.  And, after your order has gone out, you can track each piece of mail on an interactive map to gather response rates.

#3) Mix It Up

Many marketing strategies tend to separate digital marketing from traditional forms like direct mail, and focus on each separately. However, what if they could work together,  triggering incredible response rates?  Let’s say you logged in to SuperAgent Marketing, created and mailed out a “justlisted” postcard.  In one more click, you also have the ability to share the front of that postcard on Facebook!

Don’t just share it though, give your audience a reason to share for you! In the caption, let them know you are the “go-to-realtor” for your particular area, and you would love to help in their buying or selling process. Conclude your post by informing your audience if they like and share your post, they will enter into a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Not only have you successfully mailed that postcard to a specific audience, but you got some extra bang for your buck, creating a fun and convenient referral system for your friends and family.

Imagine what it would look like if you used these 3 tips every month.   Not only are you mailing, but you are reaching the right people, growing your social and internet presence, and establishing yourself as your market’s “go-to-realtor.” The most incredible thing is that you can do all this while saving time and money. With extremely easy to use platforms like SuperAgent Marketing, you can spend less time marketing and more time selling homes. So, let’s schedule a demo and make that happen!!

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