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If you are OK with paying upwards of 2x the cost to use one of our competitors, then by all means. As much as we would love to assist you with your real estate postcard needs, we can't tell you how to spend your hard earned money. However, if you are looking for affordable, high quality, and fast postcards, get started here

I know it seems like you may be saving a lot of money by printing your postcards in house, but there are a lot of hidden cost you may have not considered like ink, paper, your time, and a non discounted rate for postage. 

Sending your postcards off to a local printer can be quite the headache. The time it takes to send the file, along with your mailing list, and wait to get back proofs seems like time that can be better spent. Within our system you can upload or create a postcard in minutes, select a list, and generate a proof right there on the spot. Best of all, it will mail out the very next day. 

Also know as Every Door Direct Mail, it can be a very expensive and inefficient way to mail if you consider wastage. There's no need to mail to every house on a carrier route, so instead our system allows you to mail only to the prospects you target, which improves the quality of your leads and saves you money.  Check out the differences more in depth here.


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